Fans of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” will get to see more of their favorite multiples on TLC soon.

The show about parents Jon and Kate Gosselin raising their twins and sextuplets has pre-taped a few original episodes that will air later this year, reports

On Sunday, April 19 an hour-long special featuring the Gosselins going green will air in advance of Earth Day. Other episodes will air this summer.

A fifth season, however, is still up in the air.

The finale of the “Jon & Kate’s” fourth season on March 23 scored the highest ratings for TLC ever, drawing 4.6 million viewers. Obviously the network and audience would like to see more of the Gosselins, but the subject of returning isn’t so simple.

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Ever since stories of Jon Gosselin partying, drinking and playing beer pong with co-eds while he was away from his family began circulating, the family has been under even greater scrutiny, with divorce rumors flying. If the parents of America’s favorite large family split, what will happen to the kids?

In the finale, neither Jon’s shenanigans nor divorce are addressed, but the interview portion makes clear that the patriarch of the family has had enough of the spotlight and being recognized when he’s out and about.

“We don’t have privacy at all,” says Jon in the finale. “When I go out, people photograph me. It’s tough for me. I can’t just be Jon; I have to be ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8,’ which is a really hard thing for me. I’m still coming to grips with that.”

Excited for new episodes? Do you think there should be a Season 5 or should the Gosselins focus on their marriage?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen