mad men betty smile More 'Mad Men' Season 5 teasers: Betty, Joan and Peggy    yep, they're back, too“Mad Men” doesn’t return to AMC for more than a month, but the network is already busy creating buzz for its flagship show. In the past few days, several teaser clips re-introducing key characters have been released to pique our interest. Short of hiring someone to buy a canned ham in an attempt to create a canned-ham feeding frenzy, we think it’s an ingenious marketing plan and one of which Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce would be proud.

First up, Betty Draper Francis (January Jones), whose watchwords are “jealousy,” “romance” and “mom.” That last word is punctuated by footage of Betty slapping daughter Sally (Kiernan Shipka) across the face. Timing is everything.

We also get vintage Joan Holloway Harris (Christina Hendricks):

And, finally, the ambitious Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss): 

See the previously released teasers for Don Draper and Roger Sterling and Pete Campbell at the links.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson