To all the devoted Reese Witherspoon fans who rallied to her defense after I posted what I considered to be a relatively gentle assertion, illustrated by a past imperfect fashion shot. Your rationalizations of her carpet behavior have left me no choice but to further defend my initial premise that:

A. Reese’s style savvy has inarguably improved over the last few years and she’s now an impeccable fashion force.

B. Also improved, her red carpet mugging.

Still need more evidence after seeing these inexplicable poses at the "People vs Larry Flynt" LA premiere? Then keep going for even more embarrassing shots. Hey, you asked for it.


Gum in the mouth while talking to the press at the "Scream" premiere? Yikes.


Still more tongue action at the "House of Yes" premiere. Good thing she didn’t pull this stunt when she was campaigning for an Oscar!


And here’s her peekaboo pose at the Romeo and Juliette premiere.

I now rest – and close – my case.

Photos: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead