real housewives jersey shore andy cohen sallyann salsano More 'Real Housewives' and 'Jersey Shore' cities? No and no

Most recently, newspapers out of Las Vegas and Scottsdale, Ariz. have been reporting camera crews following wealthy wives around town. Of course, “Real Housewives” fanatics have been going nuts over the news, because they’d love another group of housewives to alternately pan and celebrate and they’d savor a chance to catch Bravo’s Andy Cohen in a lie.
He has said that the network has no plans for more “Real Housewives” series in new cities, but recently he gave a direct answer to the current reports.
“Bravo is not shooting or casting for Vegas or Arizona Housewives,” the network exec tweets. “It is not true and we have no association to either project.”
This may be a good time to review the business of TV production, since we get questions from readers all the time about these kind of things. 
Most of the time, shows are produced by a production company for a network. Sometimes, a network has ordered the series, but many times the production company is producing a pilot in the hope that a network is going to pick it up. This is apparently the case with “Real Housewives” and the “Jersey Shore-like” series spinoffs, as well.
When we asked “Jersey Shore” creator Sally Ann Salsano, pictured right above, if any of the rumors of shows featuring, for example, Chinese-Americans in China Town, were true, she tells Zap2it, “A lot of it’s other people, and the stuff that I’m behind is not announced.”
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