AnglinababiesMore Angelina Jolie en famile fotos have been released by W, thank heavens.

I know you’ve all been dying to see them.

Click here to see a slideshow. The Angie fish lips shot is funny, if horrifying.

But we have to admit, Brad Pitt is a pretty darn good photographer. And we love that she and the kids don’t  have that usual glossy-mag perfect, airbrushed-to-death look.

But you’ll have to fork over for the mag if you want to see all of his photographic work.

By the way, this is what Angelina says in W about moving her kids all around the world. And it kinda make sense.

“It’s part of how I want to raise them. If you tell them we’re getting on a plane tomorrow, they’re all excited to pack their bags, and if you say we’re not coming back for months, they won’t bat an eye. I think they see the world as a home. I’ve seen Madd run through the markets of Addis Ababa [in Ethiopia] and not notice that it’s very poor, or that everyone is African or that he’s Asian. It wouldn’t matter to him.”

Photos: Shiloh, Angie and Pax, shot by Brad Pitt
Courtesy of W

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead