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HCTV On Wednesday night, Style Network's "Clean House" began its search for the "Messiest Home in the Country 3" with a visit to St. Louis, the hometown of host Niecy Nash.

The mother of the clutter-bound family in question loves monkeys. Stuffed monkeys, ceramic monkeys, monkey whatnots of all sorts overran their house, and the youngest of her three live monkeys (which thankfully all wear diapers) sleeps in the bed she shares with her husband (who, along with his son, had tool issues).

I love my "Clean House," but this skeeved me out, mostly because I don't love primates — and that goes for monkeys, apes and lemurs (OK, some lemurs are marginally cute, as long as they're WAY over there). I make an exception for snow monkeys. You gotta love a monkey that sits in a hot tub.

Before you think I just don't like critters, I'll take a dog, a cat, a horse (I'll REALLY take a horse), a hamster, a mouse or the hummingbirds on my balcony any day, but no primates.

On the upside, it was nice to see Miss Niecy's extended family show up, including her grandma and an aunt.081122_Niecy_220 w1

And, BTW ,the fact that regular go-to guy Matt Iseman was not in St. Louis DOES NOT mean he's  leaving the show. Iseman does a show on Versus called "Sports Soup," and production for that kept him close to home (as you already knew if you saw this earlier "Clean House" post).

Iseman was also on hand for a "Clean House" yard sale that took place this past Saturday at a church in in Northridge, Calif. I got an alert about the sale from a "CH" Facebook page, and since I was picking up a friend in Northridge that morning to go for lunch and Father's Day shopping at the Reagan Presidential Library in nearby Simi Valley, we decided to make a detour.

On the one hand, I was glad I did. On the other hand…

I didn't cross paths with Iseman that morning — in a text later on, he said he spotted me but was pulled away to do some filming — but I did see my favorite TV designer, Mark Brunetz.

Since the sale in question was for Nash herself, and for her mother, the "CH" staff decked themselves out Niecy-style. Really sorry I missed Iseman's getup, but I did grab a picture of Brunetz, wig, flower and all…

to see what I found out when I Googled the designer's name. I'm a lucky girl.

But the universe balanced the scales a few minutes later. While I was talking to Brunetz under a tent, I managed to turn the wrong way, and my cute new purse smashed a glass vase. Of course, the cameraman rushed over, Brunetz started talking, I mugged for the camera, and now I'll probably wind up on television (something I ardently avoid).

It wasn't even that good of a hair day. Ah, well.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare