HCTV Each day, I tell you what's in my cuppa, but I thought I'd start a new feature to offer you something to enjoy with yours.

Since I'm out here on the Left Coast, I'll drop you a note from time to time before heading off to bed — sometimes on what I saw on TV that night, sometimes just a thought about the media events of the day — that East Coasters and beyond can peruse over the breakfast beverage of their choice.

And you never know, if something really exciting happens during the day, there might be an Afternoon Cuppa as well (If you haven't already caught it on my Twitter feed, that is).

To start off, here are my thoughts on the season-eight finale of one of my personal obsessions, "Dancing With the Stars" on ABC…

WozandKarinafinals Try as they might to pad results shows with interesting stuff, to me, they're still heavily fast-forwarded DVR fodder. Watched more ofTyChelsiefinals this finale (started an hour in on the DVR), but not that much more.

Did, however, enjoy reliving the joy I got from the dance-floor stylings of The Dream That Was Woz and Cowboy Ty.

I watched Jeffrey Ross' roast. I wish I hadn't. I didn't watch Lady Whoever She Was do her singy-dancy whatever it was. Very glad I didn't.

Regarding the final dances, Olympic champion Shawn Johnson, cha-cha-cha-ing with pro Mark Ballas, was a little sparkplug. For a small girl with short arms and legs, she works it as well as the long-limbed beauties.

"Bachelor" broken heart Melissa Rycroft is pretty as a picture and sweet as Southern iced tea. Most comfortable with balletic elegance, she finally found her inner mojito for a bum-shaking salsa with pro partner Tony Dovolani (click here for an earlier blog post interview with him).

CherylGillesGallery"Sex and the City" star Gilles Marini did a smoldering Argentine tango with ballroom-pro powerhouse Cheryl Burke. If this dashing Frenchman wasn't such a good family man and apparently all-around nice guy, it might be impossible to like him, seeing as he's ridiculously handsome and suave and graceful and tall and French.

But, like Australian heartthrob Simon Baker of CBS' "The Mentalist," he demonstrates that looks plus character and heart equal irresistible. Hollywood bad boys, take note…

As for the big winner…

Shawn & Mark! It was worth it to watch Ballas' drop-to-the-floor, hands-over-mouth ShawnMark reaction, and the honest smile on Marini's face (and the  somewhat less honest smile from the highly competitive Burke. You know she thought she had this one in the bag, being partnered with the living embodiment of Prince Charming.).

Overall, another thoroughly satisfying season culminating in the awarding of a thoroughly fugly glitterball trophy.


Also watched Discovery's "Deadliest Catch," which closed out the king crab season (the opilio crab season comes next). This reminded to tell you that I'm still doing my darndest to get Norwegian Northwestern skipper Sig Hansen on "Dancing" (as previously chronicled here). I even plan to bring it up at lunch with an ABC alternative-series executive next week.

And, FYI, I have a special treat in the works for the launch of opie season — a peek behind the scenes with "Deadliest" cameraman Josh Silberman. Can't wait to introduce him to you guys!

Posted by:Kate O'Hare