crushworthy first loves round 2 Most Crushworthy First Loves Round 2: Vote for Stefan and Elena, Mary and Francis, Emma and Neal or Carrie and Sebastian

You voted in Round 1, and now it’s time for Round 2 of Zap2it’s Most Crushworthy competition. 

Last week, fans narrowed down the candidates for the Most Crushworthy First Loves — those couples that were each other’s first everything. They may not be together anymore, but they’ll always hold a special place in each other’s hearts. With eight couples to choose from, the competition was fierce, but in the end four couples came out on top.

Now it’s time to pick the ultimate Most Crushworthy First Loves. Will “The Vampire Diaries” Stelena (Stefan and Elena) fandom prevail? Or will “Once Upon a Time’s” savior Emma and the father of her son, Neal, dominate? What about “The Carrie Diaries” teen loves Carrie and Sebastian? Or “Reign’s” no longer betrothed but still clearly in love Mary and Francis?

Vote for your favorite couple in the final round below. Fans can vote one time per IP address, and polls will be open for one week. The winners of all categories will be announced on Feb. 20. You can help give your favorites a boost by spreading the word on social media! Vote in more Crushworthy polls right here.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum