crushworthy nathan haley tami eric Most Crushworthy Parental 'Ships: Vote for 'One Tree Hill's' Nathan and Haley or 'Friday Night Lights'' Tami and Eric!It’s time for Round 2 of our Most Crushworthy competition — the ‘ships version! Last week, fans voted on the most crushworthy TV parents.
With over 25 couples to choose from, not to mention all the write-in
votes, there was a lot of competition — but two clear frontrunners
emerged, and now they go head to head.

“One Tree Hill’s” Nathan and Haley Scott took 21% of the vote, with Tami and Eric Taylor from “Friday Night Lights” just behind them with 16%. With all the other competition taken out of the running, can Coach and Mrs. Coach overtake Tree Hill’s most beloved duo?

Nathan and Haley started off at opposite ends of the Tree Hill High social spectrum, but they shocked everyone when they got married in the middle of their junior year. Their son, Jamie, was born the day of their high school graduation, with Haley going into labor in the middle of her Valedictorian speech, naturally. Thanks to the magic of television, we next saw Jamie as a happy almost-five-year-old. In Season 8, they welcomed their second child, a daughter named Lydia. These two survived psychos galore and came out on top after nine seasons. Who wouldn’t love them?

While Dillon, TX wasn’t quite the magnet for insanity as Tree Hill, Tami and Eric faced their fare share of real-life hardship — not the least of which was their petulant daughter, Julie, and their odd-looking baby, Gracie Bell. Whether they were facing major conflicts, like whether to move across the country, or more minor issues (his and hers closets, baby!) Tami and Eric were an undeniable team and a force to be reckoned with, particularly as they parented not only their own two girls, but an entire town full of wayward youths.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie