most crushworthy dean castiel derek stiles Most Crushworthy 'Ship Tumblr Sails: Vote for Dean and Castiel, or Stiles and Derek!It’s time for Round 2 of our Most Crushworthy competition — the ‘ships version! Last week, fans voted on the most crushworthy TV couple that fans ‘ship online, even though they may not be headed for romance on screen. (Yet.)There were  32 potential pairings to choose from, not to mention all the write-in
votes, and it’s no surprise that this was our most-voted-on poll by a longshot.

We should have known that the “Supernatural” and “Teen Wolf” fans would dominate this one! Even if Dean and Castiel and Stiles and Derek might not be courting on the actual show, it’s never stopped fans from letting their imaginations run wild via fan art, fan fiction, or just very enthusiastic gif-making.

Thanks to some encouragement from Misha Collins, Dean and Castiel topped the poll with 50% of the votes! With the rest of the competition eliminated, Stiles and Derek fans could have a chance to beat the frontrunners.

Dean and Castiel have had a tumultuous relationship on “Supernatural.” Castiel raised Dean from hell and they became very close friends, until Castiel betrayed Dean’s trust to win a war in Heaven. Now, they’re back on good terms after a harrowing trip to Purgatory — and just in time, too, because it looks like Castiel might really need an ally these days. Meanwhile, Stiles and Derek make for a fun “odd couple” dynamic on “Teen Wolf” whenever they’re together, with Stiles’ wise-cracking sense of humor an intriguing contrast to Derek’s glowering, broody demeanor. Even the actors are joining fans in imagining scenarios for these two!

Which pairing inspires your fan fiction? Vote in the final round below. Fans can vote
one time per IP address. Polls will be open for one week. You can help give your favorites a boost by
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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie