Nadya Suleman‘s mother, Angela, is speaking out to against her daughter’s mothering skills and her “unconscionable” action of bringing eight more children into the world with in vitro fertilization.

"The truth is Nadya’s not capable of raising 14 children,” Angela tells

Nadya’s mom’s remarks are feeding concerns and an investigation by the California Medical Board into the circumstances of the implantation of eight embryos into a woman who already had six children.

When her daughter told her she was implanted with multiple embryos, Angela was stunned. She tells "I was very upset. She already has six beautiful children, why would she do this?"

Her mom also says: “She really, really has no idea what she’s doing to her children and to me. How she’s going to cope, I don’t know. I’m really tired of taking care of the six children and need her to think about how she’ll provide for all these children.”

Judge for yourself. Watch’s video. Frankly, Nadya’s poor overworked mom looks A LOT more tired and worn out than Nadya looked on TV the other day.

Did anyone else think this crazy baby machine lady looks like she’s copied Angelina Jolie’s looks and lips?

Keep reading to see Angelina and Nadya compared. …


What do you think?

It’s downright creepy, isn’t it?

Photos: Nadya Suleman, left, and Angelina Jolie, right. Credits: NBC and WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead