mothers day Mother's Day: the best eCards and Google's doodle tribute to momSurprise! Although many of you are probably thinking it’s time for a day of rest after the exhausting business of watching Saturday’s (May 7) Kentucky Derby, we’ve got news for you: It’s Mother’s Day.

Once you get over the shock at the realization that the day has crept up on you again without so much as a warning (that you didn’t block out), rest assured that it is not too late to honor your mom with a minimum of time and expense, but a maximum of love.

Google, of course, didn’t forget. On Sunday (May 8), the site displayed a doodle that looks like a letterpress greeting card and, when clicked, lists Mother’s Day-related search returns. After you get your mom squared away, it’s wroth a look for interesting and obscure mom-related facts, like this National Geographic article about why the mother of Mother’s Day was ultimately horrified by the holiday’s commercialization.

google mothersday Mother's Day: the best eCards and Google's doodle tribute to momSpeaking of commercialization, now for those eCards. And, hey, don’t think of it as cheap, but eco-friendly.

— If mom is a big “American Idol” fan, it may be worth the $2.99 price to send a customized message from one of the “Idol” top 11 contestants to your mom. We’re not sure why what moms would welcome that above a message directly from mom’s offspring, but who are we to judge?

— American Greetings offers a free trial. Certainly it’ll last long enough to send mom your warm wishes. We like this one, also suggested by Mashable.

— If your relationship with mom is more ironic, someecards may have just the right sentiment for you. For instance, “I hope a mediocre Mother’s Day brunch can help negate 364 days of smug ingratitude.” Oh, and they’re free. Like!

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson