lauren holly motive 'Motive's' Lauren Holly: 'When you think you have it figured out, there's yet another surprise'“Motive” is the latest police procedural to grace the small screen, but ABC’s new cop drama isn’t the typical “whodunnit.” Instead, the show reveals right at the top who the killer and victim are, leading the viewers to watch as the cops figure out the whys and wherefores of the crime.

Lauren Holly (“Picket Fences”) talks with Zap2it about the throwback feel to the show and the great way it handles female relationships in a male-dominated field.

“‘Motive’ seems like such a tiny idea, but it’s so unique. It changes the whole genre. It’s amazing how different it seems,” says Holly. “I love that when you first meet the killer and the victim, a lot of times you can’t imagine how their paths could cross. It’s really fun to see how that transpires.”

“And then when you think you have it figured out, there’s yet another surprise,” she continues. “It’s kind of old-school television to me, like a ‘Columbo’ or something … Yet it’s shot in such a way that it looks very cool and modern.”

On the show, Holly plays Dr. Betty Rogers, the medical examiner for the department — a feisty redhead who certainly enjoys the men around her, but also considers herself a vital part to the crime-solving.

“I think, personally, that [Dr. Rogers] considers herself a detective,” says Holly. “It’s just that her crime scene happens to be a body.”

“She seems to have a fancy for men in uniform, like policemen or firemen, … [and] she likes the hours it affords her, because she has a very active personal life,” Holly laughs.

So, we have to ask — are there any glimpses into Dr. Betty’s personal life on the show?

“It’s heading that way. You get a little more and more and more, by the end of the first season — she’s definitely prepping for something, I’ll put it to you that way. But you’ll have to wait for the finale for that,” teases Holly.

kristin lehman motive abc 'Motive's' Lauren Holly: 'When you think you have it figured out, there's yet another surprise'However, male-female relationships aren’t the only thing happening for Dr. Rogers on the show. She also has a great working relationship with Detective Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman, pictured, right), which Holly tells us is refreshing in its simplicity.

“It’s not made a big deal of. It’s just they both respect each other and like each other. Maybe get together outside of work,” says Holly.

“Sometimes they tend to make female relationships on shows — you pay too much attention to them. Either it’s so good, like that’s not usual, or they’re so competitive, like that is,” she continues. “When the truth is, these are just two women who like each other and work together. It’s simple and I think that’s kind of cool, actually.”

“Motive” premieres in a special sneak peek on Monday, May 20 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, before moving to its regular timeslot on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. For more information, check out ABC’s official site.

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