marty meierotto mountain men history channel 'Mountain Men' premiere: What did you think of the History Channel's new show?The History Channel debuted a new series Thursday night (May 31) called “Mountain Men,” which follows three men in three very different parts of the country who all live in the mountains. And not in some posh cabin with a grocery store nearby – they live off the land, planting crops, hunting for food and chopping down trees for wood to heat their cabins.

Eustace in North Carolina is the biggest farmer, planting all sorts of crops, while Tom in Montana’s Rocky Mountains is more of a hunter. And Marty in Alaska flies from town Two Rivers to the Northern Alaska Range every winter, leaving behind his wife and daughter to go live in a very remote cabin.

It was an interesting show – it had the typical melodrama of a History Channel show, though. It would make it seem as though Tom’s dog Ellie was in danger from a bear attack when in fact she was fine. And the show started with the disclaimer, “Man is not at the top of the food chain in the mountains. To survive, he must do what is necessary. Some images may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised,” which made us a little nervous but there wasn’t anything we saw that we found disturbing.

What did you think of the new History Channel show?

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