anna wintour Move over, Anna Wintour    Bloggers steal front row spots at fashion shows
The days when Vogue’s high and mighty editor Anna Wintour sat queen-like in the front row at international fashion shows, surrounded by influential editors from Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, etc are over. 

The Sunday New York Times (Dec. 27) Style section features a story on how small bloggers are becoming as powerful as top fashion magazine editors. 
And  the piece features a photo of Phillipine-born blogger Bryan Boy at the recent Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan with his laptop open, sitting in the coveted front row, just one seat down from Nuclear Wintour herself.


To make matters even more embarrassing for the mainstream fashion press, 66-year-old International Herald Tribune fashion vet Suzy Menkes is sitting one seat down from him, her infamously outdated cottage loaf hairdo looking decidely lopsided, as she squints at the approaching models and types furiously on her laptop, clearly trying to keep pace with the young fashion blogger seated next to her. 
How did this happen? Simple. Like it or not, it’s due to the reach, power and immediacy of the Internet. And fashion publicists — the smart ones — recognize it.
Cutting edge publicist and reality TV (“The City”, and the upcoming “Kell on Earth”) star Kelly Cutrone explained (without dropping an F-bomb or two) to the Times: “Do I think, as a publicist, that I now have to have my eye on some kid who’s writing a blog in Oklahoma as much as I do on an editor from Vogue? Absolutely. Because once they write something on the Internet, it’s never coming down. And it’s the first thing a designer is going to see.”
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Photo credit: Top: Vogue editor Anna Wintour used to rule the front rows at designer fashion shows. Bottom: Make room for blogger Bryan Boy, seen here with the Ronson sisters. WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead