andrea anders2 mr sunshine 'Mr. Sunshine's' Andrea Anders: Alice's status changing to 'it's complicated'“Mr. Sunshine” is upping the romantic complications as its season winds down, and Andrea Anders will find herself in the middle of it.

Anders’ character, Alice, began the season in a friends-with-benefits sort of arrangement with Ben (Matthew Perry), but when she realized the depths of Ben’s commitment-phobia, she moved on to a more stable relationship with Alonzo (James Lesure), the more-or-less perfect man who works with them at the arena.

But it’s not always easy living up to perfect.

“It’s one of those things in life that you have this person that you really care about and you really like and you really want to be with them, but because you’re so focused on their flaws you tend to go look for somebody else who’s easier,” Anders says. “And then the easier person is generally more boring, and you end up back with [the first one]. I think it’s kind of a universal thing that happens to almost everybody — you go looking for the easy person and you find, oh, that difficult person is kind of more fun.”

So, uh, sorry, Alonzo. Even if last week’s episode did reveal a hint of a flaw in Alonzo — he has an ex-wife that he’s never told Alice about — it doesn’t sound as if he and Alice are necessarily in it for the long haul (though we’d very much like to see how he handles a breakup).

Alice will also have another man in her life in Wednesday’s (March 30) episode: Roman (Nate Torrence). Ben palms him off on Alice when she asks for an assistant, and we’re guessing that maybe that’s not what she had in mind.

“There are a couple of episodes coming up where everybody’s kind of intermixing,” Anders says. “It’ll be interesting.”

Posted by:Rick Porter