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DylanRatigan_Updated3162010.JPGFrom the nuclear power plant crisis in Japan to unrest across the oil-producing countries of the Middle East, to issues with challenging regimes in other oil-producing nations, America’s dependence on foreign sources of energy — while much of our domestic energy resources remains untapped — has become one of today’s hot-button issues.

From Wednesday, March 30, to Friday, April 1, MSNBC’s “The Dylan Ratigan Show” heads to Stillwater, Okla., for a three-day energy summit as part of the final leg of its “Steel on Wheels” tour.

Ratigan has gathered a panel of experts to talk about U.S. energy policy and how we can end the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

On Wednesday, Day One of the summit comes from a truck stop in Oklahoma City, Okla.; on Thursday and Friday, Days Two and Three come from the Oklahoma State University campus in Stillwater, with Day Two also featuring a townhall on the campus that is open to the public, at 7 p.m. CT.

The summit will also air live during “The Dylan Ratigan Show” at 4 p.m. ET. The townhall will also stream live on on the evening of the Thursday, March 31.

Ratigan took some time to answer a few questions about the summit and its goals:

Q: Why
the choice of locations in Oklahoma
for the energy summit?

A: Oklahoma is one of the centers of domestic energy
resources and production in America. 
It’s the second largest state for natural gas and the fifth largest for both
crude oil and wind energy, and many of our nation’s largest energy companies are
based there.  We also try to take our Steel on Wheels tours to places that
are often underrepresented by those of us based on the coasts, and Oklahoma fits that bill.

Q: What
specific questions do you have in mind to take up with the experts?

A: The goal
is to gather the top minds in energy and ask them, how, as a country, we
can solve what I like to call one of our “Trillion Dollar
Problems.”   In light of this horrific nuclear crisis in Japan and recent Mideast
uprisings, it’s clear that the time to fix this is now.  We can’t keep
depending on Mideast oil to feed our energy needs, especially when you look at
the huge human and economical costs we are currently paying.  But Washington has failed
us. It’s up to us – the American people — to figure out how to solve this

Q: What
areas do you think need the most immediate attention in US energy policy?

A: We need
to first look at why we are consuming so much more energy than other countries,
how we can fix that in a fair and equitable way, and then come up with the
safest, most cost-efficient ways to produce that energy. 

Q: What
is your mix of experts – energy companies, academia, government, think tanks?
Do you have the names yet?

A: We’re proud
to announce the following guests for our show and Town Hall:

  • Boone Pickens, Oil Tycoon &
    Founder, BP Capital Management
  • Ashwin Madia,
  • Bob Deans, Director of Federal
    Communications, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Former CIA Director James

additional show guests such as:

  • Gasland director Josh Fox
  • Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
  • Brad Carson, Director of
    National Energy Policy Institute
  • Ben Grumbles, President of the Clean Water America

  • Elena Craft of the
    Environmental Defense Fund
  • Umair Haque, author of The New
    Capitalist Manifesto (2011)

Q: Will
some sort of action plan come out of this summit?

A: Absolutely, as the energy summit
is part of the “Steel on Wheels” tour, which has visited a total of nine cities
since its launch in December of 2010, probing different resolutions for issues
facing the country. The goal of all of our tours is to find solutions. In this
case it’s the critical need to solve our energy problems and rid America of its dependency on Mideast oil.

In addition to the panelists, we’re
asking people around the country to help us out. Anyone that has a thought,
idea or question that you would like to ask the panel via Skype, email to find out more.  You can also follow the
conversation via twitter by following @DylanRatigan and #SteelonWheels, and at

One more important note:  the town hall will be
live streaming our panel starting at 8 PM ET / 7 PM CST.  To become apart
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Q: What
is the role of the steel-producing company Nucor Corporation?

A: MSNBC’s “The
Dylan Ratigan Show” and Nucor Corporation joined forces in December of 2010,
when we launched our innovative road show titled “Steel on Wheels,” which aims
to bring forth solutions to the most pressing problems facing the American
people. Nucor and our show share the same values and goals.

In fact, when we
launched, Dan DiMicco, Chairman and CEO of Nucor Corporation said: “We are very
excited about our partnership with The Dylan Ratigan Show. We share with Dylan
a deep concern about the state of the American economy and a belief that bold
actions must be taken to spur economic growth and create jobs. This partnership
will highlight the traits that make America
great and how we can harness them to ensure America’s future prosperity.”

What do you think, Cuppers? Is Ratigan hitting all the right notes for America’s energy independence? What experts would you like to see consulted, and what topics would you like to see covered?

Sound off in the comments.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare