MTV.jpgMTV just announced that they’ll be picking up four new shows. “The Heights” will be a docu-drama, following a group of friends who are trying to succeed in the world while staying true to their roots in the neighborhood they grew up in. They’re proud of their past in the gritty neighborhood of Washington Heights, NY and they aim to give back to the community.

“Epic Fail” is an exploration of the most embarrassing moments of viewers lives. The audience will send in texts, status updates, pictures and more. Think misery loves company? Well, knowing that other people do stupid things is bound to make you feel better too.

“Totally Clueless” will feature improv actors putting unsuspecting “marks” in uncomfortable situations. The sooner they figure out they’re on a game show, the more money they’ll win. At this point, don’t we all assume we’re on a game show when the old lady in front of us at the cash register counts out ninety cents in pennies?

“MTV’s This is How I Made It” will feature two celebrities giving advice on how they made it in the world and what you can do to be a success. What do you think of the new show ideas? Let us know below.

Posted by:jbusch