MTV caught up with Kristen Stewart at Sundance and got her take on "New Moon" director Chris Weitz and on Taylor Lautner staying on — and bulking up — as Jacob Black.

Kristenstewart Stewart is one of the few actors from the film who has actually met with Weitz, who directed the abysmal "The Golden Compass." But she sounds very supportive of her new director.

"Chris is — on top of him being a really sweet guy — he is entirely devoted," she explained to MTV. "And he’s very clearly not doing the movie just because it’s the next big thing. He really likes it a lot.

She was also concerned about a change of actor playing Jacob and is relieved that Taylor is staying on.

"I’m so glad they didn’t have to find somebody else; we already had him! I didn’t understand all the deliberation on [whether to bring him back]. But now that it’s set, we can all rest.

"He’s really buff!" she exclaimed of Lautner. "He definitely is. It took him a lot of time."

Kristen’s Bella will be hanging with Jacob for much of "New Moon." But don’t worry about Edward, er, Robert Pattinson.  She says he’s doing fine. Even with that controversial haircut!

"I think he’s OK," Kristen told MTV about her fanged love interest. "He’s back in London now, which makes it easier for him. It’s funny. It only affects you when you come to something like [Sundance]. And then, other than that, he’s totally the same guy he always was."

No word on how she feels about Dakota Fanning playing the role of Jane, the Volturi vampire.

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