warren gregthebunny 290 MTV chronicles 'Warren the Ape's' comebackYou might know Warren DeMontague from his FOX sitcom earlier this decade — at least vaguely, in an “Oh yeah, I remember that guy” sort of way. Now MTV is helping Warren get his career back on track.

Or not. Warren, the puppet-ape co-star of “Greg the Bunny,” is getting his own show on MTV. The scripted comedy “Warren the Ape,” a parody of the faded-celeb reality show MTV basically created with “The Osbournes,” will premiere next year.

“Comedy consistently resonates with our audience and we are building a diverse slate that brings an MTV twist to the genre,” says Tony DiSanto, MTV’s head of programming. “‘Warren The Ape’ is a live-action scripted comedy that tells the tale of an ape trying to revive a career in Hollywood by any means necessary.”

“Greg the Bunny” creators Sean Baker, Spencer Chinoy and Dan Milano (who also plays Warren) also created the new show, which will follow Warren — a one-time respected stage actor whose career hit the skids following “Greg the Bunny’s” cancellation — as he tries to get back on top.

It won’t be easy, as this clip shows (language NSFW).

What do you think of MTV’s idea? Are there enough “Greg the Bunny” fans left to make “Warren the Ape” work?

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Posted by:Rick Porter