bo burnham getty MTV gives OK to six new showsMTV announced Friday (Sept. 16) it has greenlit six new shows to bolster its line-up of youth-oriented programs.

Following is a brief summary of the new series:

“Catfish” — A reality show about online dating, long-distance relationships and what happens when these people finally meet. It’s based on the 2010 documentary of the same name.

“Hoods” — A docu-series in which each week a celebrity goes back to their home town and reconnects with family and friends.

“Underemployed” — A scripted series about the struggles of recent college graduates who suffer through mediocre jobs and relationship gaffes.
“Wait Till Next Year” — A docu-series that follows one of the worst teams in high school football, the Lincoln Park (MI) High School Railsplitters.

“Wake Brothers” — A reality show about wakeboarding pros and brothers Philip and Bob Soven.

“Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous” — A comedy in which Zach Stone (Bo Burnham) decides to bypass college in an attempt to become famous, except he has no discernible talent.

Posted by:David Eckstein