“Catfish: The TV Show” went one step farther than it’s ever gone this year at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards: to Hollywood. MTV’s Josh Horowitz led off a hilarious sketch that aired during the Movie Awards pre-show that introduced the world to the fact that Mark Wahlberg is apparently the ultimate Catfish.

The sketch started with Ariel and Nev Schulman learning that Horowitz had recently been corresponding with MTV Movie Awards host Rebel Wilson. When they turned up to her alleged house, however, Joe Manganiello and Anna Kendrick also showed up looking for their alleged soulmates. Unfortunately for the trio, Wahlberg was actually the man behind all of their online correspondences.

“I’m the Catfish f**king king, that doesn’t mean you show up to someone’s f**king house,” Wahlberg said, angered by the fact he had been called out on his antics. “Catfish makes me happy.”

The foursome ended up resolving their differences and hugged it out, but we’re not sure we’ll ever look at Wahlberg quite the same way again. Based on the way this clip ended, though, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be friendless for that much longer.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz