robert taylor kiss MTV Movie Awards: Robert Pattinson kisses Taylor Lautner, 'Twilight' kids remain adorably awkwardIf there’s one truth that we know, it is this: The “Twilight” kids will always, always be awkward at the MTV Movie Awards. They were awkward last year. They’re awkward as we speak. They’ll be awkward next year. 50 years from now when they’re accepting some new Geriatrics-Who-Still-Win-All-the-Things award, they will be awkward.

The awkwardness kicked off when, in accepting his “Best Fight” Award with Xavier Samuels and Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Pattinson made the weirdest joke ever. “I ripped your head off. And now you’re pregnant!” he teased Howard.

Uh, we love you RPattz, but that’s not how that works.

Even Kristen Stewart hid her face. When you’re embarrassing KStew with your awkwardness, you’ve hit a new low.

Rob made up for it, though, when he and Kristen took the stage to accept their inevitable Best Kiss award. (Oh, come on now, you didn’t really think anyone else could possibly win.)

“I feel bad, because I don’t feel like kissing you,” Rob sighed, and despite Kristen’s protests, he had someone else in his heart. “There’s someone else in the audience who I just think will appreciate it a little more. I think I know he will.”

“Go get him,” Kristen finally said, ceding.

Rob ran through the audience to lay a liplock on the one and only Taylor Lautner, much to the confusion of the girls sitting on either side of our favorite werewolf.

Awkwardess recovered! Rob is suave again! Applause! Screaming! Fan fiction being fervently written as we speak!

Unfortunately, Rob’s moment of cool didn’t last long. He got back on stage and reached for Kristen, but she shoved him away, practically panic-stricken. This is not a girl who is a fan of PDA, folks .”What?” Rob stuttered. “I want to take you back stage!”

Yeah, we bet you do.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie