robert pattinson f bomb gi MTV Movie Awards: Robert Pattinson's f bomb makes it past censorsFollowing in the footsteps of Oscar-winner Melissa Leo, Robert Pattinson totally dropped the f-bomb when sharing anecdotes about award winner Reese Witherspoon at Sunday’s (June 5) MTV Movie Awards.

Though, unlike Leo, Pattinson’s f-bomb made it past the censors who were obviously asleep at the wheel and missed their opportunity to bleep out the word.

Here’s what R-Patz said when fete-ing Witherspoon, recipient of the Generation Award for her body of work:

“I don’t know if everyone knows, but I did my first movie with you. Called ‘Vanity Fair,’ and you played my mother. What I later learned though was that you were directly responsible for cutting my part of the movie. This is the truth,” he said. “Seven years later, we worked together in a movie called ‘Water for Elephants.’ And this time you played my lover. I didn’t cut you out. But I did f— you.”

And the crowd goes wild.

“It was unexpected, and was a technical glitch in not catching it,” an MTV spokesperson told TV Line. “It won’t be in the West Coast feed or any

Witherspoon responded, as we noted earlier, by calling Pattinson the “best motherf—er in Hollywood.” That time, though, the censors were on their toes and bleeped the offending word out of the broadcast.

Watch Pattinson’s uncensored — and very funny — speech below, along with Witherspoon’s response. (Warning: If the f-bomb is going to offend you, don’t click):

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Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson