Michael-Jackson-Lady-Gaga-MTV-People-of-The-year-500.jpgMTV, predictable much? We’re not surprised by the network’s choices for their top man and woman of 2009, but we do think they’re well-deserved.

Michael Jackson‘s death was the event of the year. It took down Twitter, inspired pilgrimages to the Jackson Compound in insufferable Encino, Calif., silenced his critics for a short while and introduced a new generation to the awesomeness that was Jackson’s music. And let’s just say Kanye and John Mayer weren’t exactly putting up a fight for the title.

“I think it’s great, because Mike was a pioneer,” Jermaine Jackson told MTV. “I really feel he put MTV on the map because of his contributions to music. You made the right choice, definitely.”

MTV’s woman of the year, Lady Gaga, didn’t necessarily garner a “wtf” from the Zap2it team either. Everything the lady touches turns to gold. She was top news when she met the British queen, people are reportedly willing to pay $25,000 to attend her New Year’s show, and the fashionably risky star has sold more than eight million albums worldwide. Earlier this week, a Baptist minister called her a “proud whore.” For that, Lady Gaga, we salute you.

Check out MTV’s tribute videos to the two stars below:

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Photo Credit: MTV News

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