OK, so we have to admit we like a random music number now and again. But, that’s pretty much all we liked about the “Skins” finale.
In the finale, we watched as the crew sorted out their various romantic entanglements over a season that saw them go from a tight-knit crew to a fractured one. Tony’s (James Newman) sister Eura (Eleanor Zichy) took center stage in this episode by faking her own abduction in order to get her brother and friends to reunite.
The series fought several battles before it even premiered. First, fans of the UK version had very little hope that the show could capture the magic of the original and they were right. Then, the Parents Television Council targeted the series for its extreme amount of references to underage drinking, drugs and sexuality and we’d have to say they were wrong. 
The real test came when all the hype died down and all we were left with was what appeared on our TV sets every week. And then the viewers stopped showing up. That’s not exactly true. From the season premiere’s three million viewers, the series held on to a little over a million viewers a week.
So, here we are. Season 1 is over and all its cards have been dealt. What’s your final decision on the show? Do you think MTV should bring it back for another season? Go ahead, let it all out below!
Posted by:Jethro Nededog