demi chord overstreet vma MTV VMAs 2011: Chord Overstreet proves there's life after 'Glee'We have been forbidden from doing an entire post that just repeats the word “squee,” otherwise, that’s what this would be.

Chord Overstreet may not be making sweet music on “Glee” anymore after refusing the producers’ offer to continue on the show as a guest star, but hey… that leaves him more time to look handsome at awards shows, so we’ll get over it. (By the way, we hear that his absence will be explained with a quick mention in the Season 3 premiere about Sam Evans and his family moving to Indiana for financial reasons.)

Overstreet and Demi Lovato presented the award for Best Collaboration to Katy Perry and Kanye West at the MTV VMAs on Sunday night. It’s a good idea for Overstreet to stay in the limelight — after all, he has said that he’s focusing on his solo record.

If, like us, you’re a Chord-o-holic, you can also catch him on an episode of ABC’s “The Middle” this fall.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie