ashton kutcher men 320 MTV's 'Punk'd' is back, officiallyThe cycle is complete: Jokes about being “Punk’d” will have gone from trendy, to mildly amusing, to passe, and now back to timely again now that MTV has officially announced it is bringing back the series.

Ashton Kutcher is back on board too, but probably not as the host — he’ll executive produce, along with Jason Goldberg — although the new host is still up in the air, EW reports. Previous rumors have had Justin Bieber donning the trucker hat and taking the reins, but MTV says it’ll announce the host (or hosts) during its big New Years Eve celebration. (Other reports have said that multiple celebs will host, with a different star at the helm each week.)

Stay tuned for more details to spill out in the coming weeks, but we hope not too many — back in the days before spoilers were all over the Internet, watching your favorite stars cry on-camera was one of life’s simpler pleasures, and we hope to relive that joy in 2012 when a new crop of clueless celebs get put into ridiculous hidden-camera situations.

Posted by:Jean Bentley