the challenge season 25 free agents MTV's 'The Challenge' Season 25 will be 'The Challenge: Free Agents': Who's competing? MTV just announced the cast of the upcoming Season 25 of “The Challenge,” and there’s more than a few shocking pieces of information about the new chapter. 

First of all, it’s a totally individual game this time around: “The Challenge: Free Agents.” No more pairing up rivals or exes — the new cast members only have to rely on themselves to win the big cash prize. 
Kicking off on April 10, the 28 “Real World” and “Challenge” alums will fight to win the $350,000 prize, and that will be more difficult this time around as another big change has been instated: A “random draw” will select one male contestant and one female contestant to head into the elimination round against contestants voted into the elimination by that week’s winners. That means the only way to stay in the game for sure is to keep winning the challenges, because alliances have no weight in a random draw.

So who’s competing in “The Challenge: Free Agents?” Check out the full roster below, first posted on Buzzfeed:

The guys: 

CT — Real World: Paris (2003) 
Swift — The Real World: St. Thomas (2012) 
Dustin — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011) 
Johnny Bananas — The Real World: Key West (2006) 
Leroy — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011) 
Frank — The Real World: San Diego (2011) 
Isaac — The Real World: Sydney (2007) 
Zach — The Real World: San Diego (2011) 
Cohutta — The Real World: Sydney (2007) 
Johnny — The Real World: Portland (2013) 
Jordan — The Real World: Portland (2013) 
Chet — The Real World: Brooklyn (2009) 
Preston — The Real World: New Orleans (2010) 
Brandon — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010) 
The girls: 
Jemmye — The Real Wold: New Orleans (2010) 
Laurel — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010) 
Devyn — The Real World: Brooklyn (2009) 
Cara Maria — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010) 
Nia — The Real World: Portland (2013) 
Nany — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011) 
LaToya — The Real World: St. Thomas (2012) 
Emilee — The Real World: Cancun (2009) 
Jessica — The Real World: Portland (2013) 
Aneesa — The Real World: Chicago (2002) 
Camila — Spring Break Challenge (2010) 
Jasmine — The Real World: Cancun (2009) 
Theresa — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010) 
Jonna — The Real World: Cancun (2009)

It’s interesting to note that this season’s cast doesn’t have a single “Real World: Ex-Plosion” cast member. Usually, “The Challenge” takes one or two cast members from the previous season of “Real World” to compete, and those rookies are usually the first to go in eliminations against the veterans. Except, of course, last season’s “The Challenge: Rivals II” when “Real World: Portland” rookies Jordan and Marlon made it into the finals.

Who are you most excited to see back on “The Challenge?” Are you ready for what’s sure to be another CT vs. Johnny Bananas rivalry? Are you nervous that “Real World: Portland’s” Nia and Johnny will be in the same room together again after their explosive fight during their season?

“The Challenge: Free Agents” premieres Thursday, April 10 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum