“Muppets Most Wanted”
may only have reviews from people who have seen a commercial or two, but the extended trailer premiering at the 2014 Super Bowl made the most of them. Interspersing semi-fake Twitter commentary with real, ridiculous movie scenes, Tom Hiddleston (maybe) and a bad guy takeover make this an ad you don’t want to miss.

Granted, fans don’t learn too much more about the movie plot in the commercial. It seems to have something to do with Kermit the Frog being mistaken for an evil twin named Constantine. The Muppets go to Europe. There are a bunch of cool cameos, including “Wait, was that Tom Hiddleston?”

Alas for anyone wanting Hiddleston confirmation, the video stops abruptly at that point. Instead, Constantine takes over the computer with really annoying pop-up ads.

But even pop-up ads are funny when the Muppets get in on the action. “Muppets Most Wanted” looks seriously awesome.

Posted by:Laurel Brown