muppets green album 'Muppets: The Green Album': Maybe Hipsters don't ruin everythingWhen a friend of ours originally posted the tracklist for “Muppets: The Green Album” on Facebook, it was with the note “Hipsters ruin everything.” OK, actually, it was “Hipsters [bleeping] ruin everything,” but you get the idea.

So we were all ready to get up in arms about it too, but then we saw the words “‘Bein’ Green’ performed by Andrew Bird.” And we were completely won over. Sublime.

And since “Rainbow Connection” has long been our choice if aliens came down and demanded we sing one song on national television or they would destroy the world, the Weezer rendition (with an assist from Paramore’s Hayley Williams) got a pass where it otherwise might not have.

Not to say that they’re all our ideal matches. We could live without ever hearing OK Go‘s take on the “Muppet Show Theme” again but no one can ruin “Mahna Mahna,” and that includes The Fray.

Judge for yourself. Here’s the full tracklist:

‘Muppet Show Theme Song,’ OK GO
‘Rainbow Connection,’ Weezer (featuring Hayley Williams)
‘Mahna Mahna,’ The Fray
‘Movin Right Along,’ Alkaline Trio
‘Our World,’ My Morning Jacket
‘Halfway Down the Stars,’ Amy Lee
‘Mr. Bassman,’ Sondre Lerche
‘Wishing Song,’ The Airborne Toxic Event
‘Night Life,’ Brandon Saller
‘Bein’ Green,’ Andrew Bird
‘I Hope That Something Better Comes Along,’ Matt Nathanson
‘I’m Going to Go Back There Someday,’ Rachael Yamagata

“Muppets: The Green Album” will be released Tuesday, Aug. 23 but you can listen to the whole thing online now at NPR.

Posted by:Brill Bundy

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