twitter joshua malina nathan fillion alyssa milano Must Tweet TV: Twitter based shows we'd actually watch“$#*! My Dad Says,” which is based on a Twitter account where a son tweets funny things his dad says, is the highest-rated new show in the 18-49 demo. Now CBS has announced that another Twitter account, Shh Don’t Tell Steve, is also being developed into a sitcom.

Shh Don’t Tell Steve is one man tweeting random quotes, actions and observations about his partying, jobless roommate Steve. How it will translate to sitcom form is anybody’s guess, but we’d like to offer a few suggestions of Twitter accounts that would make better television programming.

Joshua Malina, (@joshmalina)

You may know Josh Malina from his work on such shows as “SportsNight,” “The West Wing” or “In Plain Sight,” but he really shines on Twitter. Self-deprecating, frequently cranky and not afraid to explore and chronicle the mundane. It’s like he’s one of us.
Sample tweets: “Betty White is the new chair of the LA Zoo Assoc. Maybe she’ll say something like ‘F*** elephants” and then we’ll laugh because she’s old”; “I’m doing everything I can 2 avoid becoming 1 of those people who lie on their death bed thinking ‘I should have watched more BACHELOR PAD.'”; “I’ve never met anyone who was more certain that I know where the croutons are than the lady who just approached me at the supermarket.”; “I hate the term ‘unemployed actor.’ I’ve taken to calling myself a ‘thespian without portfolio.'”; “That was a tough way to find out I wasn’t nominated for Best Supporting Actor on a Comedy.” (Tweeted during Emmys)
Plus, he could play himself and getting a writing credit. It’s a win-win-win. Brill Bundy

Wil Wheaton, (@wilw)

Wil Wheaton of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” fame’s Twitter feed can out-geek the “Big Bang Theory” guys — whether it’s mourning the passing of a tech legend (“the guy that invented predictive text died today. I assume he’s haunting tree face happening standard.”), tweeting back and forth with geek-centric names like Stan Lee or Felicia Day (Joss Whedon fan bait!), experimenting with making stupid cell phone videos or having imaginary conversations with his pets (“Cat: DOOD LOOK AT THIS! Me: Yeah, it’s a ping pong ball. Cat: BEST TOY EVAR! Me: Better than the empty box? Cat: OMG PUT IT IN THE BOX!”)

Tech speak, sci fi guest stars and conversations with anthropomorphic pets? Sitcom gold. — Hanh Nguyen

Alyssa Milano, (@alyssa_milano)

While Alyssa’s tweets maybe wouldn’t make the best sitcom, she certainly could carry a cable news show. Milano is always on the beat of world news, current events and social issues. It’s not as entertaining as some, but it is certainly informative. And — baseball! — Andrea Reiher

Kanye West, (@kanyewest)

As John Harper so wonderfully points out, you could put “Liz Lemon” into any Kanye tweets and he suddenly becomes Tracy Jordan. “Liz Lemon, remember the museum plastic spaceship toys that were molded right in front of you?…. Those use to smell awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and “I wish I had a fashion week time machine, Liz Lemon. Gotta learn to live with regrets.” Hilarity.  — Andrea Reiher

50 Cent, (@50cent)

With well over 3 million followers, 50’s Twitter comes with a built-in audience. He’s a hoot, but those racier tweets about his dealings with “bi****s” may leave him struggling to find a willing network. Perhaps an after-hours Skinemax version of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” would be an appropriate fit. — Mikey O’Connell

Jenny Slate, (@jennyslate25)

Getting fired from “Saturday Night Live” may not have been the most desirable option for comedian Jenny Slate, but at least she’s spending her free time on Twitter. Slate’s semi-coherent musings on overheard conversations, her dog and gratuitous alcohol consumption all reaffirm our belief that she belongs on the tube. — Mikey O’Connell

Nathan Fillion, (@nathanfillion)
The “Castle” star’s tweets — in which he regularly interacts with followers and fans, down to the most minute details of their lives (sample: “Your pants pocket in the hamper. RT @CountScrabula: @NathanFillion Do you know where my car keys are?”) — could easily be made into a verite-style comedy in which Fillion plays … himself. Coming soon to a channel near you, “Nathan Fillion: My Life as a Cult Hero.” Heck, he’s even put out a Twitter call for people to write a theme song for him. — Rick Porter

Misha Collins and Matthew Davis, together (@mishacollins, @ernestoriley)

I’d like to see “Supernatural’s” Misha Collins and “The Vampire Diaries” star Matthew Davis (whose twitter alter-ego goes by Ernesto Riley) combine their often disturbing, occasionally enlightening, and always bizarre Twitters into the weirdest Sci-Fi show ever. Who doesn’t want to see a show about Kanye West boarding a spaceship and meeting aliens who have odd encounters with Michelle Obama while plotting world domination?

This is definitely one for premium cable. — Carina MacKenzie

Which Twitter accounts would you nominate?

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