Stephanie_myboys_240 This week’s My Boys was all about money — who has it and who doesn’t and how to deal with both. Humorously enough, the A and B plots stem from the gang having dinner at a churrascaria called, well, Churrascaria. If you’re one of my boys, you know such restaurants as "skewers of meat" (said with a sort of drooling desire). The best-known in Chicago is Fogo de Chao downtown, though this fake televised version is in the Gold Coast.

For y’all unfamiliar, the Gold Coast is a ritzy neighborhood here just north of downtown, which ties together the subtle joke: Churrascarias are all-you-can-eat, but expensive — Fogo is around $50 a person — and one in Gold Coast would be even more so. The episode really kicks off after dinner. The boys sans Bobby want to wash down the copious amounts of food with a night out, especially Mike for whom meat is apparently a stimulant. PJ and Stephanie (who got the salad bar, of course) are done. The sexes go their separate ways, and we have an entwined plot.

See, the boys run into Bobby, and because Mike is so keen to have beer, they invite themselves back to Bobby’s place. Which is a huge mansion-looking "apartment" in the Gold Coast. Bear in mind, Bobby’s a Cubs reporter, so I immediately call shenanigans. I mean, I have a nice condo in Wrigleyville, a few miles north of Gold Coast (and so, less expensive) and when I think of how I wound up here despite an editor’s salary, my soul dies a little more. Sure enough, Bobby comes from old money, but never brought it up because it changes how people act around him.

This also makes his performance during the Chicago’s Hottest Bachelors episode funnier — he kept insisting he should’ve been on the list, and considering this new information, he should have. I still have no idea why I’m not on the list, though.

Enter the B plot, when Stephanie and PJ come across her car being towed. There’s a great bit here where the girls try to decipher the various parking rules on the street sign. Parking in this city is terrible: It’s not uncommon to see multiple signs along one post with different rules and hours for normal parking, winter parking, Cubs season parking, zoning… Anyway, turns out the car’s being repossessed; Stephanie has a huge amount of debt and missed some payments.

Bobby_myboys_240 To the writers’ credit, they didn’t take the easy way out and have Bobby give Stephanie the money. Nope, instead she gives up her nice 2-bedroom apartment for one euphemistically described as "cozy," and resolves to pay off her debt the slow way. Bobby, for his part, lets on that other than his lodgings he really does survive on his reporter’s salary. This sounds noble, but let me assure you: In Chicago, it’s the lodging cost that kills. The other costs of living are actually very reasonable. (Imagine my glee when I moved from Manhattan and realized beers were $4 each instead of $7 or more.) So, no great sacrifice there, but it makes sense that someone that wealthy wouldn’t realize as much.

The C plot was a waste: Mike goes to yoga in a suburb (Lake Forest, for us Chicagoans) because the older women think he’s great. This went nowhere, and I wish it’d been slashed for a better look at how money affects the other characters. We do see Andy espouse frugality, but he just moved to a nice place in a tony suburb (Hoffman Estates). I’d really have loved to see how Kenny or Brendan get by.

In the meantime, I keep eyeing my superfluous second bedroom here and wondering whether it’s time to downsize.

Posted by:Andy Grieser