Need a refresher course on "My Boys" to warm you up for tonight's season opener? Or maybe you've never seen the show before and want to jump in now?

Watch the first clip below for a quick catch up on everything that went down last year with P.J.'s crush on Bobby, Bobby's engagement to Elsa and, you know, all the other unimportant stuff that happened to the rest of the characters.

Come on, I kid. The series wouldn't work minus any of the boys, but the big business at hand this evening is the aforementioned.

And if you check out the sneak peek a little further down, you'll see that tonight's premiere kicks off right where things were left, with Bobby standing at P.J.'s door telling her that he thinks he's marrying the wrong woman. 

What happens next is Bobby of course sees his brother in P.J's room, he runs off, P.J follows him and he takes back what he said.

P.J. then gets rid of Bobby's brother, bangs on Bobby's door and, well, bangs Bobby.

Elsa walks in on them in the throws of passion, whips out a Swiss army knife — which is weird 'cause she's Swedish, not Swiss — stabs P.J. and, um, most of what I've just told you is a blatant lie. But you were kind of into it, right?

Anyway, you have to tune in this evening to see what really goes down. If you can't wait and need more right this second, read up. But watching the whole deal as it plays out tonight is totally essential. Especially the last few minutes of the episode…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh