I really like the story line of Kenny and Stephanie. Can you get any

insight into that angle? I would love to see them get together but

still be a bickering couple, although happy. -tb
There's definitely more Kenny and Stephanie coming up. You'll even get a few lines of sexual friction between the two of them this evening. That relationship is building… and the bickering will remain steadfast from what I understand.

In fact, Mike Bunin (Kenny) told me the Stephanie-Kenny tension became part of the show because of Kellee Stewart's (Stephanie) initial reaction to him. They met just before the first "My Boys" table read began and her hello to him was sassy right from the start. And Jordana Spiro (P.J.) said Mike returns the favor by teasing Kellee quite a bit off screen.

Korbi, Can you tell me anything else about what's coming up for P.J. and Bobby on "My Boys"? -Matt
The two of them will soon be confronted with the issue of changing their relationship status on Facebook and it's a whole thing…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh