Cabbage-Patch-people.jpgCabbage Patch Kids may have been an obsession in the eighties, but it’s kind of hard to deny that they’re creepy-looking at the best of times. This many of them in the same place is the stuff of nightmares. If you agree, here’s a house you might not want to visit.

In this episode of TLC’s reality show “My Crazy Obsession,” you’ll meet Pat and Joe, who own over five thousand Cabbage Patch Kids. Their favorite is Kevin, though we were under the impression that parents weren’t supposed to have favorites.

The couple have spent over $1 million dollars on their obsession. They’ve built an amusement park in the backyard that includes a train set, a hot air balloon and a carousel-like swing. They have lots of like-minded friends (bless the internet … how else would these people find each other?) that come over for play dates. In the video below, we listen to a “mom” say that her Jen has never been on a swing before. “Maybe that’s why they’re so quiet” she says. Or maybe it’s because they’re dolls! “My Crazy Obsession” premieres on Wednesday, March 7th on TLC.

Posted by:jbusch