my crazy obsession doris 'My Crazy Obsession': Doris wears trash bags for shoes, Bob collects sex dollsWe can understand Doris Mayday’s obsession with ’50s culture. The clothes are gorgeous, times were simpler back then, etc. But Doris, one of the subjects of this week’s “My Crazy Obsession,” airing Wednesday, March 14 at 10 p.m., takes her infatuation to a whole other level.

She’ll only wear authentic vintage clothes from the ’50s, and takes her dedication so seriously that she doesn’t wear boots in the winter because she can’t find real ones. (They’re hard to find in a 9 and a half, considering the average shoe size back then was a 6.) Instead, she just covers her feet with trashbags when she leaves the house.

Doris’ boyfriend likes the way she dresses, but isn’t really into the whole garbage bag shoe thing. (Shocker.)

Also on this week’s show we’ll meet Bob and Lizzie, who have a collection of 250 sex dolls worth around $150,000. That’s as much as their house is worth, by the way. According to TLC, “Bob, a mechanic who collects the love dolls, finds a special place for each doll in his home even if a few need to be stored in coffins. The couple loves to dress them up for photo shoots and make trips around town.”

For the record, Bob doesn’t use the dolls for their intended purpose. (He does not have sex with them. He just collects them.) So. There you go.

Posted by:Jean Bentley