my crazy obsession dolls 'My Crazy Obsession' season finale: Lynn loves baby dolls, Fred and Robert collect washing machines“My Crazy Obsession” has introduced us to people obsessed with seemingly random objects over its first season, and the subjects profiled in the Season 1 finale have just as strange obsessions as ever. Fred and Robert collect vintage washing machines, Anthony collects airline memorabilia and Lynn makes baby dolls. The “My Strange Obsession” finale airs Wednesday, March 28 at 10 p.m. on TLC.

Fred and Robert’s appliance obsession is very specific: they collect vintage washing machines made between 1945 and 1965 as well as vintage vacuums. They’ve spent around $40,000 and15 years on their collection.

Lynn has been obsessed with dolls for more than 65 years, and has been making the extremely lifelike baby dolls herself since 1999. She’s spent $25,000, countless hours (up to 15 hours a day) making them and treats them like her own children.

Anthony loves all things airlines — so much so that he’s spent $200,000 on airline memorabilia including a first class winding staircase from a 747 and a complete Pan Am first class seating section.

Posted by:Jean Bentley