My earlier blog item about Heath Ledger was written after I received the ID PR e-mail asking people to protest the upcoming airing of the so-called Ledger drug video.

My sources told me that legal action was an issue in the decision not to air the video. Kelly Bush of ID PR says that legal action was never even discussed.

The video I watched on the Web this morning on an Australian newspaper website, a video that has now been taken down, was "Entertainment Tonight/The Insider" promo for its ensuing coverage. The video has since been posted on this site. Who knows how long it will be up?

It showed Ledger at a dark party in a small room, and his voice was audible saying, "I used to smoke five joints a day for 20 years," and purports to show how much trouble he was going to get in for being there ("I shouldn’t even be here") from his girlfriend Michelle Williams, who had just their daughter, Matilda. It was pretty intriguing, I have to admit.

Heath’s publicists say the video was designed to make it look as if Heath was doing drugs or was at a party where drugs were being used. The video even ended with his body being carried out of his New York apartment, bringing back that horrible sense of useless waste and sadness we all felt.

Subsequent reports circulating on the Web based on viewings of the complete video reveal that Ledger, in fact, contrary to the framing of the promo, is not shown using drugs at all.

None of Heath’s fans or friends want to read or make unfair and untrue accusations about his past behavior. I guess most of us are just so shocked by the sudden death of a 28-year-old talented, kindhearted actor, who had his whole life ahead of him, that we want to turn over every possible rock to find out the truth.

The outcome of the toxicology report will, we hope, put to rest any speculation about illegal drugs as a cause of Heath’s death.

But the way in which Hollywood tries to draw a curtain over stars’ substance abuse will remain an issue worth talking about.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead