Carla Gugino talked to the Dish Rag today about accepting a check for one of her favorite charities, Inner-City Arts, from the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. during its annual installation luncheon.

And she also let on that while she may be back on "Entourage" next season, she also might sing a duet with Vanessa Hudgens in Zack Snyder's "Sucker Punch," also starring Abbie Cornish and Jena Malone.

"It's very surreal, it's sexy, it's got these amazing action sequences," she explains.

And yes, yes, she is in that much-talked-about brothel scene.

"I play dual characters as well. I play a psychiatrist in 1967 in the insane asylum, which is the present day, and then I play the choreographer/sort of madam-like character in the brothel world."

Any, um, singing and dancing?

"I have an little inkling that I might be part of a duet," Carla reveals.

With Vanessa?

"That would be great. Although she's the real deal in terms of singers," Carla said. "But I'm having fun with singing lessons."

Maybe they should call it "High School Insane Asylum."

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