animal phobia pitbull 'My Extreme Animal Phobia': Watch a tattooed 47 year old man cry in fear at the sight of a puppyPlenty of people are moved to tears at the sight of an adorable puppy (or maybe we’ve just seen that Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial one too many times), but how many grown men have you seen weep in fear at the sight of a baby pitbull?

Sure, fierce, fighting adult pitbulls can be scary — but this little guy seems too cute to be a killer. However, to tattooed tough-guy Marvin, he’s just as frightening as a 250-pound mastiff. Marvin’s paralyzing fear of pitbulls causes him to turn to Sacramento psychologist Robin Zasio, star of the new Animal Planet series “My Extreme Animal Phobia.”
Though it’s not unusual to be scared of snakes, spiders or other slithery creatures, plenty of people have extreme phobias of everyday animals like puppies, moths or grasshoppers, and will be profiled as they seek treatment from Dr. Zasio in the new series.
In the clip below, Dr. Zasio takes Marvin to a park to confront his fear of the animals, causing Marvin to weep at the sight of, yes, a puppy.

“My Extreme Animal Phobia” premieres Friday, Oct. 21 at 10 p.m. on Animal Planet.

Posted by:Jean Bentley