Oh, Adrienne Curry and Christopher Knight, you saucy My Fair Brady minxes. Every time I yell at the TV and want to write you both off, you pull me back in. I was all prepped to go through disgusted eye-rolling and sighing as the whole surgery drama commenced — and then this.

First — OK, so Adrienne goes through with her surgery. She’s freaked out about it — the procedure, the symmetry, everything, but Chris sees this as "an opportunity to prove to her that I can be a good caretaker." He promises to nurse her through her recovery, and even buys a bell so she can summon him. Which she does — often — after complaining the thing’s too heavy.

Here’s where I want to write a little love note of thanks to the producers: We jump ahead two months. Adrienne’s childhood friend Dea comes to visit. Dea was recetly married as well, and she and her husband are working and going to school. And her husband wants to wait a couple of years before starting a family, so they can be more financially secure. Adrienne and I both agree that this is sensible.

But Dea wants to have a baby right away, and she and Chris agree to team up to win Adrienne over to the concept. Chris thinks Dea’s a good influcence on Adrienne. They all go out to dinner, where the talk is about — surprise — babies. Which understandably makes Adrienne uncomfortable. Chris, in his off-camera aside, is fantastically dead-on with his observation that "We’re The Honeymooners, and she’s Ralph."

Adrienne argues that her augmentation surgery cost a lot of money and was painful — and she’s not about to do anything adverse to it by having a baby now. "I feel that this is my body," she says. "And I feel that you are trying to dictate to me not when we want a baby, but when you want a baby." Chris, smiling, looks at Dea, points at Adrienne, and says, "See these defenses? I am not dictating a thing." Yeah, dude, and you’re not listening. People can change their minds, but was I imagining the conversation where she specifically went to Chris and said if I get this done are you going to be all over me about kids? The same conversation where he said no, go get your 34Cs? The world’s least enlightened man strikes again.

So the next day, Adrienne and Dea go shopping for bikinis — Chris and Adrienne are going to Hawaii for a second honeymoon — and for lunch. And things get deep. These women have known each other since they were 14, and characteristic of those kinds of relationships — they don’t hold anything back. Unfortunately, their relationship also involves some shared trauma — both of them were raped and molested as teenagers. Adrienne confesses that she’s scared of men, that she still lives in fear, that her fears fuel her anger, and while she generally conveys that she’s fine and everything’s OK, she knows she’s not. While I would never wish such heartache on anyone, I would wish that each of us would have a friend to understand us so completely — and to be so completely comforting.

"Half the people that have been through even half the stuff that we have just remain screwed up," says Dea. "We actually did come out of it OK. And just the fact that you guys seriously work so hard together — I think you’re going to be fine."

Adrienne’s sad when Dea leaves, but she tells Chris that she’s glad she’s got her other best friend with her. And he seems to both want to be her best friend and understand that he can’t really until she opens up. All he can do is try to be there. Which, dude, might involve laying off the baby presssure. Or asking, as Adrienne now tells us he has never done, about her past and what really happened. But somehow, at the end of this day, you get the feeling they’ll end up OK.

Now let’s see what happens in Hawaii…

What did you think? Would you be equally relieved to have a day away from the baby talk and with a friend? Does it surprise you that so much trauma hasn’t been discussed in this relationship? What do you think will happen on the second honeymoon?

Posted by:Lisa Todorovich