Laurengraham_emmys05_240 When my TiVo and I sit back to reflect on the most memorable TV moments, here’s what we came up.

    1. Jack tells Kate they have to go back in "Through the Looking Glass" on Lost (May 23, 2007): This is not just my favorite TV moment from 2007. It has become one of my all time favorite TV moments. Ever. Even though I was suspicious during the entire episode (how much could have possibly happened in Jack’s life before the plane crash? Why is he using a current cell phone?), I still wasn’t prepared for the reveal that the entire episode was a flash forward. The moment when Kate emerged from the shadows twisted the series all around once again. Why did Jack say they made a mistake? Why does he want them to go back? Whose funeral did he attend? Why wouldn’t Kate go? Who is Kate with now? Genius. Pure genius.

    2. Pam is honest in "Beach Games" on The Office (May 5, 2007): On of TV’s best "you go girl" moments. After walking over hot coals, Pam chastises the entire staff for missing her art show and then tells Jim she called off her wedding because of him. It was the moment we had all be waiting for that played out in a way that we least expected.

    3. Sara is left for dead in "Living Doll" on CSI (May 17, 2007): The miniature killer story line reinvigorated the series which easily remains the best of the "CSI" bunch and one of the best crime dramas on TV. Procedurals often struggle to incorporate ongoing story lines and this episode culminated not only the search for the serial killer but also the public reveal of Grissom’s relationship with Sara. And the final shot of Sara’s hand moving under the car was devastating.

    4. Lorelai serenades Luke in "Lorelai? Lorelai?" on Gilmore Girls (May 1, 2007): Lorelai was a character who often hid her true emotions behind quip one liners and off the cuff pop culture references. But there was nowhere to hide when a drunken Lorelai sang "I Will Always Love You" with such raw emotion to Luke. This simultaneous hilarious and uncomfortable moment lead to the reunion we had all been waiting for.

    5. Kyle Chandler and Jeffery Dean Morgan appear in "Drowning on Dry Land" on Grey’s Anatomy (February 15, 2007): Many of us kind of hated this two part sweeps stunt involving a ferry crash but the final moments where Kyle Chandler’s very dead Dylan said "hey" to Meredith and the equally very dead Denny told Meredith she was dead was a jaw-dropping shocking surprise. In the internet age, it’s hard to keep things under wraps on TV, but Grey’s pulled it off.

    6. My Name is Earl is a homage to Rudy in "Get a Real Job" (May 3, 2007): We already knew the show liked the movie Rudy (and really who doesn’t). Remember when Randy referred to "that hobbit Rudy" in the first season. This episode which guest starred Rudy‘s Sean Astin, Charles S. Dutton and Chelcie Ross was pitch perfect.

    7. Sheriff Lamb dies in "Mars, Bars" on Veronica Mars (February 20, 2007): I didn’t even know how much I was going to miss the dumb but snarky Sheriff Lamb until he died. He uttered "I smell bread" and expired. Not exactly a big death for a character we all loved to hate, but somehow still a fitting end.

    8. The Dillon Pathers win the state championship in "State" on Friday Night Lights (April 11, 2007): The brilliance of Friday Night Lights is that they actually kept us guessing. Every game is interesting. A Panther victory is never a guarantee — even with the state championship at stake. So I cheered right along with the stadium when the Panthers won the big game.

    9. Marshall delivers his third slap in "Slapsgiving" on How I Met Your Mother (November 19, 2007): We kicked off the season with a slap countdown clock that culminated with this Thanksgiving episode. Marshall serenading Barney about the slap might just be the funniest moment of 2007 (Alec Baldwin’s Jack acting out Tracy’s family in therapy on 30 Rock is a veryclose second). We’re only three slaps in to the five slaps Marshall gets to dole out to Barney. I can’t wait to see what the show dreams up next.

    Glennclose_damages_240 10. The reveal that Patty tried to have Ellen killed in "Because I Know Patty" on Damages (October 23, 2007): Just when I thought I had this show all figured out, they revealed that Patty did in fact try to have Ellen killed. Thank goodness the show has been renewed for a second season. I must know what happens next. I must.

Those are my favorite TV moments from 2007. What are yours? Post them below.

Highlights for December 24-30

Pickings are slim this week as all scripted shows are in repeats, but that at least give us a little more time to spend with family and friends. And if you need a break from all the frivolity, don’t forget that TBS airs the 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story beginning at 8 p.m. on Monday.

For no particular reason, I still love A Very Brady Christmas which ABC Family is airing Tuesday at noon.

The models are decked out in holiday cheer on Deal or No Deal Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC. Contestants could end up with money (yay) or with a lump of coal (booooo!)

So do you guys like Freddy Rodriguez on Ugly Betty (Thursday, ABC, 8 p.m.)? I totally do and I love the love triangle they are setting up with Betty, Gio and Henry. If you missed Rodriguez first episode on the series you can check it out Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Remember when I thought that 30 Rock should write off Jane Krakowski? Well I was wrong. This season the comedy finally figured out a way to play to her strengths and this is one of my favorite episodes (Thursday at 8:30 p.m. on NBC).

You can catch up with Samantha Who? Saturday when ABC airs a four episode marathon beginning at 8 p.m.

That’s all for today. Remember I won’t have a column this Wednesday (I’m celebrating Christmas in the House Technology Forgot, otherwise known as mom and dad’s house) but I will be back on Friday with my wrap up of the best of everything television in 2007 (best guest star, best brother, best reason to stay home on a Friday night, etc). Have a question, seen a familiar face or want to nominate a quote of the week? Write me at

I wish you all a joyous holiday season with family and friends. May there be a brand DVD box set in your stocking and a TiVo under your tree. Talk to you on Friday.

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