sara rue barry watson 'My Future Boyfriend': Sara Rue and Barry Watson star in ABC Family movieSunday night’s “My Future Boyfriend” skewed more adult than most ABC Family original movies, with “Seventh Heaven’s” Barry Watson starring as Pax, a man from the future — where logic and order rule over love. He travels back in time to today, where he meets romance novelist Elizabeth Barrett (Sara Rue).

Watson says he was immediately intrigued by the role.

“I just loved Pax. I just loved everything about him, and I just thought he would be a fun character to play for a month. I remember when Sara’s name came on board, and I was like, ‘Yeah, she’d be great.’ I was familiar with her work.”

Pax is a character whose life experience is extremely limited. “He comes from this utopian society where nothing really, really exciting happens and nothing really, really bad happens,” Watson explains. “So I think, for him, he’s like a kid in a candy store being able to experience all these different types of people he’s never met before. So for me, it was just bringing in my inner child every day and just, basically, acting like a child.”

Elizabeth is assigned to work with Pax to develop a story based on him. “I think for me with Elizabeth, she had a job to do, and this strange guy comes into her office and she’s sort of assigned his crazy story. So her job was to get the best story and to get the most information out of him that she possibly could, and then while she’s doing that, somewhere along the line she falls for him,” Rue says of her character, who she describes as a “hopeless romantic.”

She knows a thing or two about romance, as her own wedding is about a month away. She says she can relate to the lesson her character learns in the film. “I’ve always believed when it comes to relationships and love that usually your first instinct is the right one, and especially when it comes to judging character in people and letting yourself fall for a good person as opposed to a bad person. You have to trust your gut.”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie