Nadinevelazquez_mynameisearl_240 I’ve always liked Halloween episodes of television shows. I don’t know why, but there’s something about themed holiday episodes in general that works for me. Tonight’s My Name is Earl wasn’t the best Halloween show I’ve ever seen, but it had some good moments.

Number 94 on Earl’s list was ruining Dodge and Earl Jr.’s Halloween. Earl sent the boys trick-or-treating one year without actually going with them. There was lake dredging involved in the search. I can totally see putting that on the list. Earl definitely owed Dodge, Junior, and the rest of the trailer park something for that little mistake. And while you might think that was the main plot tonight (because it absolutely could have been), it wasn’t.

Randy was on the search for a little brother tonight, briefly anyway. He was denied by Big Bros-Little Bros agency and rather upset about it, right up until he realized that he could borrow Catalina’s recently arrived nephew, Oscar (pronounced with a long "o").

Amazingly, for a time, things were actually going really well with the boy. Randy and Oscar seemed to be having a good time with one another. Then Oscar stole some tip money at the Crab Shack. Randy did the right thing, he tried to talk to Oscar about giving the money back and apologizing, but the young whippersnapper wanted none of it. I kid you not, Oscar rolled his eyes into the back of his head and started talking some sort of mumbo jumbo, Voodoo mumbo jumbo.

It freaked Randy out (and, you can admit it, it would have freaked you out too). Randy bolted for the door of the motel room and saw Earl right outside. Earl didn’t buy Randy’s tale at all until the two of them went back into the room and hunted for Oscar, only to have him magically pop up with two little Voodoo dolls, one of Randy and one of Earl. That, and some red powder to the face convinced Earl pretty quickly that the boy was up to no good.

At that point, if I were in charge of the goings-on, I probably would have crated the boy back up and sent him home (he arrived via the USPS to begin with). Earl and Randy didn’t want to go quite that far yet, they just wanted to hand the little Damien back to Catalina. In my mind that was nowhere near good enough, but the boys couldn’t even get that far — Catalina absolutely refused to take him back. She knew all about Oscar’s problems with authority and his penchant for Voodoo. How great is that? Catalina suckered Earl and Randy in.

Without a way to get rid of their two-legged problem, Earl and Randy ended up taking Oscar to the Halloween party Earl was throwing at the trailer park. Again, not something I would have done what with Joy always managing to get on everyone’s bad side and Oscar just itching for a fight. And sure enough, it happened. Joy got upset with Oscar, and Oscar went all Voodoo-y on her. Much to my surprise though, Joy didn’t fight back instantly, she got scared.

Earl and Randy did have the good sense to leave the premise at that point and brought Oscar back to the motel. It was just too bad for them that Oscar didn’t really put a hex on Joy, because she came to her senses and was headed to the motel, mob in tow, to take out Oscar once and for all.

Buying themselves some time (but not too much), Earl, Randy and Oscar headed back to the trailer park. However, they hadn’t quite worked out what to do by the time the angry mob showed (oddly, the mob came without pitchforks and lit torches, they only had big sticks and a priest). Randy opted to try and defend his "little brother" and promptly ended up getting pummeled, which led Earl to try and save his little brother and he got pummeled himself.

In a fit of sheer genius on the writers’ part — which I like to think of as a cop-out ending — Earl realized that he’d helped Randy have a little brother (a list item), which meant he could cross something off his list and Karma could save them. Just as Earl crossed the item off his list, Joy, the priest, and the rest of the mob got into the trailer to find little Oscar throwing a party with his Voodoo dolls. Everyone was so happy that they went back to their own Halloween party and Earl got to cross that item off his list too.

For what it’s worth, Oscar claimed that he wasn’t just playing with the dolls in the trailer, that he was casting a Voodoo spell to make everyone want to go back to their Halloween party. I’m not sure whether that or Karma solving the problem is more believable.

Quotes and questions:

  • Tonight, the best line didn’t go to Joy, it went Darnell, who said to the mailman (and then Oscar) upon opening a huge crate and seeing Oscar inside – "I swear I didn’t order this… wait, are you a dishwasher?"
  • Okay, hit me with your two cents — was Karma or Voodoo (or both) responsible for tonight’s all too serendipitous finale?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser