Jasonlee_mynameisearl_240 It strikes me that Earl has destroyed many a person’s life. The stuff he did to people before My Name is Earl started and he learned about karma caused a lot of pain and suffering. Tonight though, I’m pretty sure that Earl hadn’t really caused the main problem he was attempting to fix.

You see, there was this nice (in a weird way) guy named Raynard. Raynard was one of those crazy free thinking types of people — he did stuff like open the window in his apartment to allow a tree the choice to grow inside or outside. I don’t hold with such ideas, they remind me of Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club yelling about anarchy. Judd Nelson, was of course brilliant, but I’m not an anarchy fellow.

In any case, back in the day, Earl decided that as Raynard had shown he and Randy a new way of looking at things (wrong though that way may have been), Earl was going to help Raynard with the ladies. They actually had a foolproof plan, well, foolproof for Camden women anyway. Raynard, Earl, and Randy met up with some girls in a bar, told them they were opening for U2, and as soon as the girls stated that all they insisted on was that the band they were going to sleep with had a bus (no more garages for them!), they were good to go.

No, Earl didn’t have a bus, but he did manage to steal the nearest bus-like thing, Camden’s bookmobile. They drove it out to the woods, and, I assume, had a grand old time with the ladies before leaving it (and perhaps the women) in the woods the next morning.

Perhaps Earl should have been trying to make amends to the women that the guys scored with due to his lie (the bookmobile was on the list and the original impetus for the main list item that was tackled), that would seem like an appropriate thing to me, but he wasn’t. Instead, he was making amends for what happened next — when Raynard needed a place to crash after Earl had gotten married, he went to Earl, only to have Earl deny him shelter. Raynard stole the new Camden bookmobile (a bicycle) and drove out to the old one to live there.

. I’m really not entirely sure why Earl viewed Raynard as living in the bookmobile as his fault, I think we’ve all been in the situation Earl was in — crazy wife forces husband to deny shelter to a friend. It’s not like Earl forced Raynard to live in the bookmobile. Plus, let’s not forget, Earl didn’t feed Raynard the crazy berries that Randy and Earl found him high on when they realized they need to bring their friend back to civilization.

And, that last bit proved to be a massive mistake. Raynard, it turned out was just like Trazan — that would be the title character from the book Trazan: The Ape Man, which was Camden’s knockoff version of Tarzan (it was cheaper and all they could afford). Raynard belonged in the woods. Raynard couldn’t fit into normal, everyday society, and not just because he had married a raccoon when he was on the crazy berries. He couldn’t fit into normal society because of his outlandish ways of thinking (remember the tree growing inside the house?).

Earl and Randy tried to get Raynard a bunch of different jobs, but Raynard’s free-thinking ways ended them all. The last job even resulted in Raynard getting thrown into a mental ward run by Santa (he had sprayed Joy with some rat poison in the face, but it was only an accident).

No, I can’t explain why Santa was there, all I know is that he was and that he even had an elf helping him out. I love Christmas!

Whatever Santa was doing there, both he and the elf had disappeared by the time Earl decided to spring Raynard (in a move of pure genius Earl used a magic trick to make this massively big patient think a guard was full of candy). Earl and Randy returned Raynard to the woods and even gave him some supplies and a tent (they couldn’t leave him with the bookmobile, it was, after all, the main reason Earl and Randy went to the woods to begin with).

In the end, Earl crossed two things off his list tonight — Raynard and stealing the bookmobile (the whole story was even framed with him reading Trazan to the kids of Camden). Maybe next week he’ll try and cross off the rock and roll groupies, that only seems right.

Odds and ends:

  • The quote of the night belongs to Randy, who during a "humiliate to rehabilitate" stint with Earl first saw Raynard carrying a torch and singing — "That guy is doing the theme song from that show that comes on every couple of years ’bout the different colored people with superpowers, like swimming fast or throwing sticks real far."
  • While that was the funniest line, it wasn’t the funniest moment — that was unquestionably Randy’s facial expression when Earl explained to Raynard about Earl’s geography teacher who was "hot" but had a "touch of the palsy." It led to her dropping stuff, bending over to get it, dropping it again, bending over again, etc. Watch the scene again, look at Randy, you’ll see what I mean.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser