, as I imagine it was for most people, was that Earl simply has to wake up. There is no way the show can continue (successfully) with the silly Earl-in-a-coma-thinking-he’s-in-a-sitcom storyline. I like Randy doing items from the list, I think it’s a fun idea, but there needs to be an awake Earl to go with it. That didn’t happen tonight, Earl stayed in his coma and Randy kept trying to do items from the list, but somehow it still worked (maybe because the sitcom was gone).

Right off the bat tonight, Randy and Joy went to Earl’s parents to cross off from the list the time Earl ruined his father’s vacation. The only problem with this was that Earl’s parents didn’t know Earl was in a coma, they didn’t even know he’d been in prison. They rushed off to the hospital to see their poor boy before the first commercial break.

In the hospital, Earl’s father, Carl, reminisced about just why Earl had put ruining his father’s vacation on the list. Apparently, Randy and Earl were supposed to be housesitting for his parents (why they would want Earl and Randy to housesit I can’t imagine). The guys busted open the liquor cabinet as soon as their parents left only to find out that it was empty. Knowing that he wouldn’t get lucky in his parents’ bed with Joy if Joy wasn’t drunk, it was off to the liquor store for all three of them.

As fate would have it, a nice marijuana salesman stashed a huge duffel bag full of his product into the back of the El Camino when a police car happened by. Earl, Joy, and Randy didn’t notice what had happened until they got back to the house and found the duffel. The three of them made it quite clear that they had no intention of smoking the stuff (it seems as though it’s bad for you), instead, they wanted to use the marijuana in lieu of cash.

That plan didn’t work out so well as the cashier at the same convenience store they had just been to had no intention of taking the "Mendocino Greeno" (as Darnell later referred to it) instead of real green. However, still present at the convenience store was the initial owner of the duffel bag, and he wanted his Greeno back.

One short kidnapping later and Earl, Joy, and Randy were back at Earl’s parent’s place, which is exactly where Earl’s parents were too (their flight had been delayed by five hours). Unfortunately for our marijuana salesman (who was actually trying to move up to middle management), Carl had burned the huge bag of pot while the others were out. Carl did however lie about it being burned and convinced the kidnapper to take Joy and Earl’s mom, Kay, hostage while Earl, Randy, and Carl went off to retrieve the nonexistent pot (they were going to simply buy new pot to replace the old).

Darnell, their first stop, informed them that they could score the Mendocino Greeno at the motel, and that become their second stop. It was in fact Catalina (in a brief appearance) who showed the three guys into the very same motel room Randy and Earl would come to live in, which was, at that time, occupied by Circus, the drug-dealer; a kangaroo; and Circus’s security detail (all of whom were in Speedos).

Carl, being incredibly against drugs, drug dealers, men in Speedos, and apparently captive exotic animals too had finally had enough of the shenanigans. Rather than taking the proffered puff of Mendocino Greeno, he grabbed a gun from a Speedoed henchman, broke the bong from which he was supposed to smoke, tossed Circus two grand for the pot, and left with his sons and the duffel.

Carl explained to the unconscious Earl that while the vacation had been a bust, the action inside the motel room had made him feel alive. He had actually gone back to the motel wearing a wire and with the cops in tow a few days later just because he had gotten such a huge kick out of it the first time. Carl crossed the item off of Earl’s list and told his son that he had never given up on Earl (something which he claimed earlier). It was a touching scene and the end of the episode.

Truthfully, I thought the show was funny tonight. I still don’t think Earl staying in a coma is a good plan long-term, but this episode was head and shoulders better than the last few and made for some good Thursday night viewing.

Another thought and a quote or two:

  • Joy, again, got the best lines of the night, most notably when talking about why she doesn’t want her kids spending time in a house with stairs – "they’ll get all snooty thinking about college and vaccines," and complaining about Randy’s liquor choices – "flavored vodka is for sissies and pregnant woman."
  • We’ve now seen two different ways that the show has attempted to continue with Earl being in a coma. Which was more successful and what else can the producers do to still give dialog to Jason Lee and keep his character in a coma? Or, does Earl wake up next week and the status quo return?

And, how about that TV and Film Guy’s Reviews, good stuff, right?

Posted by:Josh Lasser