Jaimepressly_mynameisearl_240 No matter what anyone believes about evolution, I think we can all agree that Joy is probably not the right person to either prove or disprove the theory. However, tonight’s episode of My Name is Earl featured Joy tackling just that issue. It wasn’t the main thrust of tonight’s episode, but it definitely made for some laughs.

As for the main character, despite being a good person, we learned tonight that Earl doesn’t always treat his neighbors well. When he comes across someone whom he truly can’t stand, Earl has Catalina "discover" some reason why the neighbor has to change rooms. Tonight, toxic moles forced Cappy to head to the East Wing. It didn’t make Randy happy as Randy really liked Cappy’s long, meandering, nonsensical stories, but it did temporarily please Earl.

Unfortunately, once the new neighbor moved in, it turned out that Cappy may have been a better guy to have next door. This new neighbor was a moderately scary looking man, and he made all sorts of noises at night (and not the kind of noises you expect to come from a cheap hotel room in the middle of the night). Earl tried to talk to the guy about the noises, but to no avail and when Randy tried to figure out what the guy was doing by looking through the bullet hole between the rooms, all he saw was an eye staring back at him. The eye, of course, belonged to the scary guy, Lloyd (Catalina gave Randy and Earl the name the next morning).

Once Joy saw him, she reminded Earl that they knew Lloyd, that they’d swindled him out of $900 back when Lloyd was a sweet unsuspecting youth — Joy and Earl had fixed a beat up car just well enough to sell it and Lloyd had bought it. Lloyd quickly figured out that he had been swindled and in turn fixed the car just enough to sell it to the next sucker. That started Lloyd on his trip to the bottom, which now included him carrying a box labeled as having explosives in it to his room at the motel.

Earl wanted to rectify his mistake, to correct Lloyd’s world view, and to make sure Lloyd didn’t blow anyone up (Earl suspected Lloyd to be building a bomb). Earl just wasn’t quite sure how to go about it until he decided that someone who bought the lemon car must have done something good with it instead of just selling it to someone else. Lloyd agreed that if someone had broken the cycle he would rethink his world view. The only problem was that everyone in Camden had pretty much done exactly what Earl and Lloyd had done with the car.

Eventually, Earl had Darnell act as a stand-in for one of the guys who bought the car, and Darnell claimed to have melted the car down to build a jungle gym for orphans. Lloyd accepted that and opted to start doing good, but when he turned around he saw the car going down the street and knew that Earl had lied. He ran back to the motel to finish working on his little project.

Thinking that Lloyd might end up taking out half of Camden with his bomb, Earl ran after him. Catching up to Lloyd at the motel, Earl saw not a bomb, but a rocket ship. Lloyd wasn’t so much trying to destroy the world because he was angry, but to leave it because he was disheartened. Seeing that Earl ran towards a perceived danger in order to try and save others made Lloyd realize that there was still good in the world and once again changed the guy’s entire outlook.

Joy meanwhile was trying to disprove evolution to get $500 to buy a Jane Seymour-designed open heart necklace from Kay Jewelers tonight. You see, she wanted the necklace really badly and there was a science fair Dodge could enter which had a top prize of $500 which Joy figured she would take as her own once Dodge won. Joy had no idea what science project she was going to make for Dodge until she misinterpreted a dream with Jane Seymour in it.

To disprove evolution Joy had some wacky idea about her setting up a fish tank so that the fish would need to grow feet in order to get the food Joy was going to put in the tank. Joy figured that if the fish didn’t grow feet, evolution was a load of bull. The fish did grow feet though as it wasn’t so much a fish but a tadpole and Joy was temporarily out of ideas.

Once Lloyd had abandoned his rocket however, Joy was back in business. She had Dodge enter the rocket in the science fair and the boy won first prize, getting Joy a $500 savings bond made out in Dodge’s name. Darnell must have been saving all his tip money though, because he knew that Dodge would get a savings bond in he won and consequently had gone out to buy Joy the Jane Seymour-designed Kay Jewelers open heart necklace she so desperately craved. And they all lived happily ever after, until next week anyway.

Quotes and questions:

  • Joy, after Dodge asked her what it meant that the fish grew feet — "I think it means we don’t gotta go to church no more."
  • The question for the week — okay, seriously, if you were going to disprove evolution, how exactly would you go about it?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser