Ethansuplee_mynameisearl_240 This week was something of a circular episode on My Name is Earl, and not just because it involved a whole bunch of tornadoes, although they did help. People found missions, lost missions, started fights, ended fights, and in the end, everyone pretty much ended up back where they started (except in a church basement).

It all began with Earl in the motel, contemplating which item on his list to do (I totally would have gone for "got the babysitter pregnant"), Randy decided that he’d pretty much had enough of the list. He tore into Earl and there was a moment, probably the one when Randy had the list in his hand, that I thought he was going to tear into the list too. Understandably, Randy felt as though Earl always decided what they were going to do and that he never got the chance. That didn’t mean that he had to yell at Earl that way though. Randy is a big guy and can be kind of scary looking.

The big lug did manage to lose the list though. It wasn’t his fault, he had no way of knowing that a tornado was coming, but the list got sucked up into it causing no end of heartache to Earl. Randy did however get a boat out of the whole deal.

That’s right, he got a boat. It wasn’t terribly new and it wasn’t terribly nice, but as Camden has a "finders keepers" rule following tornadoes, it was all Randy’s. He also got two delicious looking "steaks" from a cooler that if he had bothered to read the side of said that it had human organs for transplant. I don’t tell you that because it’s germane, just because it’s typical Randy and I like my Randy.

I liked my Randy even more two tornadoes down the line. You see, in the next tornado Randy was taken, in his boat, onto the roof of the motel. Then, in the tornado after that, Earl tried to shoot him (just in the leg so that Earl could get Randy inside before he got hurt) with a gun that had landed on the roof following tornado two, but when the bullets didn’t hit Randy, the big guy thought he was invincible. He had it all worked out. He was going to go on superhero missions and save people (not everyone though, read the quote of the week below). The one thing he didn’t have was a superhero name — the show didn’t even bring up that he was going to need one. Weird, I would have thought that a name would have been first on Randy’s list.

Other people had their fair share of weirdness too. Catalina, still in Club Chubby attire (it’s November Sweeps, what did you expect?), found out belatedly about the finders keepers rule, and by then had lost her imitation imitation Gucci bag (not a typo there people, it was an imitation of an imitation). She did finders keepers a gun though (the same one Earl ended up with later) and got all her stuff back and more… only to lose everything in tornado number two.

I actually found it a little curious that Catalina was unaware of the finders keepers rule. It certainly sounded as though tornadoes come through Camden all the time, so I would have thought that she had lived there long enough to see one, especially as tonight she saw a half-dozen, one of which brought her and Patty the boat Randy had found.

And then, as always, there was Darnell and Joy. I love Joy. I think in real life she’d drive me absolutely crazy, as she was doing with Darnell tonight, but she still might be the funniest character on the show. Prior to the twister madness, she and Darnell were fighting over who was smarter, it was a fight that only ended when one of the tornadoes put Darnell through the side wall of the trailer. Joy did have the good sense to end the fight at that point, admit that Darnell was kind of smart, and get him off to the emergency room — in a wagon as their car was out of commission.

And that, dear readers, is how everyone ended up together this evening and how Joy got to save everyone’s life. Earl and Randy met up with Catalina and Patty (still in the boat) outside a church and Joy happened by with Darnell when they all realized the next twister was imminent.

The church, apparently unlike everywhere in Camden, had a basement which made for a great tornado shelter, but it was padlocked (Randy quickly discovered he wasn’t invincible when he tried to break in). Joy, who had been touting MacGyver for President earlier in the episode, ended up going all MacGyver on us, blowing her way into the cellar using a propane tank, chewing gum, a garden hose, and the gun which was loaded with blanks (which is why it didn’t hurt Randy when Earl shot him). Maybe MacGyver should be our next President.

Oh yeah, at the very end of the episode Randy revealed that he had found the list in the boat and it had been in his pocket ever since.

A quote, a thought, and a question:

Randy on using his powers – "I figure I don’t have to help everybody with my superpowers, like if you’re a guy that does experiments on chimpanzees, and then you’re trapped in a tree by a bunch of chimpanzees, I’d be like ‘sorry, bro.’"

There was also a Bible floating around tonight, and various folks found it and found religion too, but in the end the Bible went back to the large man who also owned the gun with the blanks and a car which once held the blue door that’s now on the El Camino. Now that I think about it, maybe that guy was God.

So, what do you think — was the large man with two kids who had apparently shot his wife the previous year (the gun didn’t have blanks then) the show’s version of God?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser