Jasonlee_mynameisearl_240_003 You know the kind of girl who changes her column to a three times a week blog and then gets jury duty and actually gets seated on a jury. That’s me. My name is Amy, TV Gal.

Yes, the fates have conspired against me and I’m actually on jury duty this week. So I’m not able to write as much today as I planned to. I think I had convinced myself that there is no way I would actually be seated on a jury during premiere week. Alas the fact that this is premiere week is not exactly an excuse you can give to the judge. Nor can you say you are biased from watching too many episodes of “Boston Legal.”

So I’m off soon to jury duty. But I wanted to let you know about the hour-long return of “My Name is Earl” (Thursday at 8 p.m. on NBC). Like “House,” this show totally spun its premise around in last May’s finale and placed Earl in jail (remember he said he committed a crime, so Joy wouldn’t go to jail and could stay home with her family).

It’s a good idea to shake up the series but after watching the third season premiere (which is very funny), I think there is definitely a finite amount of time Earl should stay incarcerated.

“Ugly Betty” also returns Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC and I loved the first two episodes of the second season. I could do without some of the secondary subplots (the Alexis subplot too much soap opera even for this show) but the episode proves exactly why America Ferrera won the Emmy.

Okay I’m off to perform my civic duty. I’ll return on Friday with “where have I seen them before,” quotes of the week and to discuss the return of “Brothers & Sisters” and “Desperate Housewives.” Keep writing to me at amytvgal@zap2it.com and keep posting your thoughts to my blog. I can’t thank you enough for all your support about the new blog format.

Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal

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